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PD by ProSolve

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Impact staff culture through immersive and experiential team-building courses while unlocking how to future-proof students in a post AI world.

A fun, refreshing approach to Professional Development

ProSolve’s professional development courses provide educators and leaders with effective immersive and hands-on experiential learning that supports your district's goals, vision, and priorities.

Powered by evidence-based experiential learning practices, PD by ProSolve helps you promote a positive school culture while inspiring educators to rediscover the art of teaching and rekindle the joy of learning.

Acquire timely knowledge to develop career readiness in every student in the age of AI, plus powerful tools, tips, and strategies you can implement immediately at your district.


Contact us to learn how your team can experience growth through collaboration and engaging team-building.

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With our learning approach, participants will experience...

The Learning, Experienced framework, and ways to model experiential learning strategies in the classroom. 
Immersive, team-based challenges that strengthen communication, collaboration, creative problem-solving and critical thinking in educators and leaders. 
A powerful debrief to support participants' reflection on how the skills used during the team-building challenges can be immediately implemented in schools to support building career-readiness skills in students. 
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Designed for

  • District leadership
  • District-level teams/departments
  • School sites 
  • School-level departments & PLCs

Perfect for

  • Back-to-school 
  • Districtwide kick-off session 
  • Professional development days
  • Staff meetings 
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Make a plan for impactful professional learning

PD by ProSolve leverages a different approach to professional learning for educators, administrators, and lifelong learners. Our focus on "Learning, Experienced," embodies our mission to make learning more authentic, practical, relevant, engaging, and meaningful for the educational ecosystem.

Unlike typical professional development, PD by ProSolve engages adults in immersive experiences, challenging them to strengthen their communication and collaboration, think critically, solve problems, and foster a positive culture through team building, all while having fun! 

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PD by ProSolve Courses


Problem Solving

Experiential Learning in The Classroom


Social & Emotional

High-Leverage Practices in Social & Emotional Learning


Student Voice

Empowering Student Voice Through Service


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