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Administrator Thinktank

Facilitating Strategic Innovation


We help districts develop sustainable technology integration roadmaps to support active teaching and learning in a 1:WEB environment


A critical component to the technology adoption process is to have a clear understanding of your WHY. This ThinkTank Session will encourage representatives of the educational community to explore the WHY behind technology. Feedback from this ThinkTank group will provide a clear roadmap for the district to drive sustained improvements and culture development experiences for student and educator achievement across the district.

Administrator Brainstorm

Define the Why behind technology implementation

  • Identify the Return on Investment for students, educators, and administrators in the short and long term

  • Build key performance indicators to quantify progress and achieve success

Administrators Planning

Build a roadmap for How to achieve your vision

  • Teams will create two to six-month project proposals to improve culture with stakeholders

  • Teams will develop continuity for grade-level norms to support the implementation of devices

Administrators Collaborating

Identify What is needed to successfully implement

  • Choosing the ideal devices for each interest group

  • Teams will organize best practices, deployment culture-building workshops, and student-driven help desk models to support the distribution of devices

Administrators Thinking
Feeback Background

iSchool Initiative helped us create really great ideas about how we can reach various stakeholders and change the mindsets revolving around technology.


- Belvidere School District, NJ

Administrators Lauging
Feedback Background

I enjoyed the way the agenda was broken into smaller chunks with alternating speakers to help keep everyone on task. Great job managing the clock and moving the ball forward.


- Aledo Independent School District, TX







prep days

Logistics Outline

Of in-person facilitation

Mix of district and site leadership

Can vary based on location

For a Detailed Program Overview and Agenda,

check out this experience on our platform

Complimentary Solutions

Execute the vision you create

Mobile Device Deployment

Incentivize students to maintain devices

SLED Student Community

Create curriculum with your tech

Vanguard Teacher Community
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