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Administrators, Teachers
100-100,000 people
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Paradigm shifting, actionable ideas: Inspire students, teachers, and administrators to become lifelong learners

We have to ask questions in today's classroom that can’t be googled. Why? Because any question that can requires no critical thinking or problem-solving skills to solve. Join the ProSolve team as they paint a vision for what learning could look like when students are challenged to find their own problems to solve and take ownership of their learning.


Motivate and educate audiences about creating 21st century learners

Young people must be prepared to thrive in a future riddled with advancing technology, AI, and new unknown challenges. The answer? Problem-solving skills. Critical thinking. Creativity. Collaboration. Communication skills. Adaptability. Curiosity and imagination. Audiences learn how to infuse students with these skills and more by adopting a problem-solving mindset.

Empower and inspire educators to bring engaging lessons about problem-solving their classrooms 

ProSolve is a pioneer for problem-solving in education. Our dynamic lessons, best practices, and clear roadmaps for success can motivate educators. After experiencing the ProSolve way, teachers try new things and engage with students in powerful and exciting ways.

Energize and engage audiences with student leadership, voice, and a gameplan for revolutionizing education

Our nationwide SLED program has taught us that students can accomplish incredible things when we let them take the reins. Learn about how to place students in a meaningful, valued position at school where they have a say in their education and can create real change.

Feedback and Event Highlights

Past Clients Include ISTE, Cisco, CUE, ACSA, CoSN, VSTE, ICE, and more.

"Travis had every teacher in the room eating out of his hands. His passion shows in everything that he does, and he has the smarts to back it up. I look forward to hearing another one of his presentations."

— Adam Bushman, Marketing Director at ParentLink

"Travis talks to teachers as if he has been doing it for a decade. He is comfortable, funny, and loaded with insights on how mobile technologies can be of value in an educational setting. "

— Cory Tresler, Dir. of Virtual Learning, Beaufort District, SC

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