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Mobile Escape Room

Administrators, Teachers
75 people per day
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The ultimate teacher and administrator Professional Development

The Mobile Escape Room is an Airship equipped with high-tech problem-solving stations. It travels the country providing unique professional development experiences. Once inside the Airship, participants have thirty minutes to solve several immersive game-based challenges. Afterward, they debrief. Our Facilitators relate the Airship challenges to teaching strategies and student engagement.


Role Model the Four Cs

  • Creativity

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Critical Thinking

Showcase Strategies to Engage Students

  • Explore emergent tech

  • Learn new teaching strategies

  • Shift mindset and attitude

Build Camaraderie Across Departments

  • Break down social barriers

  • Encourage teamwork

  • Have fun!

Feedback and Event Highlights

"It exercised my understanding of how to be effective at integrating different standards, with different content and modalities that reside with different learners. The experience entailed 100% engagement and allowed for application of different skills to occur." 

— Educator

"The Mobile Escape Room is an amazing opportunity for educators to work together on team building skills in a fun, challenging, creative environment!"

— Educator

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