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SLED Academy

3 days
15-30 students
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A student leadership solution offered as an after-school or summer enrichment program

Every school is unique and has its own challenges when it comes to changing education. SLED (Students Leading Education) is a student organization that focuses on positioning students to go out and solve real world problems facing their school through project based learning. 

SLED Academy provides the necessary curriculum to help students develop skills they will need in order to create and execute their project ideas to solve those problems. 


Increase engagement in the classroom

Incorporate gaming concepts to spark student interest in school, ignite a passion for learning, and empower Student Voice.

Develop social and emotional wellness

Provide students with an ongoing experience that improves their ability to work in teams, make tough decisions, and become more self-aware.

Ready students for careers and college

Have students practice their creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills while solving difficult challenges as a team.

Feedback and Event Highlights

"I gained new public speaking skills and a great understanding of the challenges facing our campus. My favorite part was bonding with my peers and creating a project to solve those challenges that I am very passionate about."

— Student, Patterson USD

"The SLED team has empowered my students to make achievable changes in our school. It has given them skills to define problems and overcome challenges. This program has given them life long problem-solving tools."

— Advisor, East Grand School District

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