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SLED Certification

1-3 days
25-100 educators
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Learn to become a SLED Advisor and coach students how to be leaders

This training program prepares educators to take on the role of a SLED Advisor. SLED Advisors lead a class, club, or after-school program focused on student leadership. They provide personal and professional development to students, assist students in facilitating SLED activities, guide student proejcts to maximize impact and student engagement, and craft a curriculum to best benefit their SLED chapter.

During the SLED Certification for teachers, our expert coaches will share best practices and equip educators with the tools to succeed. They help new Advisors leverage SLED resources, collaborate, and solve classroom challenges. Above all, they enable SLED Advisors to become true, equitable partners with student leaders at their school.


Create lasting community impact

Discover how to help students complete projects that improve school culture, community, and increase student ownership over their education

Become an expert in student leadership

Learn how to amplify student voices, support student empowerment, and engage students as leaders and change-makers at your school

Prepare students to become problem-solvers

Provide students with a structure to expand and grow, improve their ability to work in teams, make decisions, and solve real-world challenges

Feedback and Event Highlights

Patterson USD, CA

"Wow! Our teachers' minds were blown away with this experience! We learned together using collaboration, creativity, communication, critically thinking and motivation in a way that we want our students to be learning in the classroom." 

— Administrator

Williams USD, CA

"This was the best professional developments we have had by far. Every teacher had a blast, every teacher is going to be able to use this in their classroom, and it overall is the most, dynamic, fun, and engaging PD I've ever been a part of as an educator."

— Educator

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