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Experience a learning environment designed

for problem-solving with technology

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Escape the Bus travels the country providing a team-building and professional development experience for students, educators, and administrators. You will have to work as a team in order to go through each station to discover the secrets of lifelong learning. In the process of finding clues, you will learn about new technology to use in the classroom and the importance of student voice. Most of all, you will have fun! In addition to playing the game, our facilitators will lead a discussion on how this kind of learning can be applied to the classroom.

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Escape the Bus Students

Role model educating to ISTE standards

Through station-based learning, participants are empowered to leverage the 4C's and experience micro-leadership with different challenges designed for different skillsets

Escape the Bus Teachers

Showcase resources & strategies to engage students

Participants will interact with a variety of technologies, including AR, 3-D Printing, coding, and software applications that can be implemented into daily learning strategies

Escape the Bus Students
Build comradery across departments and teams

Break down social barriers with interconnected challenges that require effective communication and collaboration in a time-pressured environment, creating an unforgettable shared experience for all involved.

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Testimonial Background

Many of the students said it was the best day they ever had at school. I was impressed at how the entire process called on students to think creatively and critically, work together as a team, and use technology to solve the various puzzles. One boy in 5th grade with an IEP who barely reads at the first-grade level due to a severe speech impediment and extreme ADHD became an active participant in solving the puzzles with his teammates. He was walking on air the next day, telling everyone about his participation on the bus. 

- Principal, Arena Elementary School, CA

Students Collaborating
Testimonial Background

The Escape the Bus experience exceeded all of my expectations. The iSchool Initiative company is so easy to work with; the facilitators on the bus catered their reflection conversation with the students to our curriculum; I could not have asked for better facilitators!


- Admin, Carroll Independent School District, TX

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prep days

Per session, up to 7 sessions/day

4th-12th grade, educators & admin

Can vary based on location