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Escape the Conference

Role Modeling Pedagogy 


Experience the 4C's through station-based learning with tangible takeaways to apply in the classroom

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iSchool Initiative’s Escape the Conference Experience is designed to provide a highly interactive training session for educators. This is an immersive learning experience where participants work in teams to explore various hands-on STEAM based innovation stations. Each station is designed to unlock the creative potential of participants while harnessing the skills needed for lifelong learning. The innovation stations highlight the 4Cs: Communication / Collaboration / Creativity / Critical Thinking

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Educators Collaborating PD

Role model educating to ISTE standards

Through station-based learning, participants are empowered to leverage the 4C's and experience micro-leadership with different challenges designed for different skillsets

Educators Celebrating PD

Showcase resources & strategies to engage students

We tailor stations to the pedagogical principles you want to emphasize with your educators, tying them in to the larger storyline of the escape experience.

Educators Enjoying PD
Build comradery across departments and teams

Break down social barriers with interconnected challenges that require effective communication and collaboration in a time-pressured environment, creating an unforgettable shared experience for all involved.

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Educators Collaborating
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Wow! Our teachers' minds were blown away with this experience!  We learned together using collaboration, creativity, communication, critically thinking and motivation in a way that we want our students to be learning in the classroom.


- Admin, Patterson Unified School District, CA

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This was the best professional developments we have had by far. Every teacher had a blast, every teacher is going to be able to use this in their classroom, and it overall is the most, dynamic, fun, and engaging PD I've ever been a part of as an educator.  

- Educator, Williams Union School District, CA

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prep days

Per session, up to 4 sessions/day

For educators & admin

Can vary based on location

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