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Get Students Engaged

QUEST is where 21st Century Learning meets immersive gameplay

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K-6th grade

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15 to 30 students per program

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20 to 80 hours of instruction

Build Community & Collaboration in
Out-Of-School Time

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The QUEST experience was thrilling, with tons of mysteries and excitement. I love
everything about QUEST, the challenges, the puzzles, the episodes, etc.


— Student

Anaheim Elementary School District


Active & Engaged Learning

Hands-On Challenges Through Immersive Gameplay

Voice & Leadership

Students Are Excited to Share their Opinions

Skill Building

Students Develop and Demonstrate 21st Century Skills

Quality Staff

Easy Onboarding & Professional Development


Start A Quest

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Increase engagement in the classroom

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Incorporate gaming concepts in order to spark student interest in school, ignite a passion for learning, and empower Student Voice.

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Prepare students for the workforce

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Have students practice their creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills as they attempt to solve difficult challenges as a team.

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Develop students' social and emotional wellness

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Simulate real-world problems, giving students opportunities to improve their ability to work in teams, make tough decisions, and become more self-aware.

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I benefited from playing QUEST because when I was working with my group I can open
myself and share my opinion and become better friends and rely on myself more and
think harder and become less shy.


— Student

Union School District

How QUEST Works

Ms. Johnson is a 6th grade teacher who immerses her students in a yearlong QUEST. Each box led them through five phases of immersive gameplay:

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Map Exporation Creativity

First, her students exercised their creativity by exploring the world around them to discover what happened to the missing adults. They

had to utilize intel cards found to find

key points of interest.

QUEST Students Collaborating
QUEST Students Ideating
Encounter Decisions Communiction Graphic

While exploring the map, her students ran into unexpected encounters that require cooperation and clear communication as a team. Students made tough decisions leading them to great rewards and other times dire consequences!

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QUEST Students Communicating
Puzzles Critical Thinking

As students discovered the hidden loot throughout the game, they found it difficult to unlock. It required them to solve riddles, decipher codes, and think critically!

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Ms. Johnson's students soon realized they could not solve each QUEST Episode    without collaborating with other students to obtain the needed information and resources to succeed. Difficult trade negotiations ensued, helping her students learn the importance of collaboration!

QUEST Teacher Talking
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Debrief Reflection Graphic

As each QUEST Episode came to an epic conclusion, Ms. Johnson was given discussion guidelines to talk with her students. Students would reflect individually, discuss in groups and as a class on that month's QUEST and how it relates to the educational principle that was the focus for that month. Her students would then wait eagerly for next month's QUEST to start as they continued to be immersed in this new world!

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Bring QUEST to Your Class

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