Purchasing Services

How much do your services cost?

Not to give you a salesy runaround, but it really does depend on multiple factors such as timing, location, type of service, and number of services bundled together. However, we can quickly provide an estimate after learning a little more about your school/district. You can reach out to schedule a time to talk HERE.

Do you only work with primary education?

While k-12 education is where we focus, we have done Professional Development experiences, keynotes, and consulting for several universities, corporations, conferences, and countries. Contact us to learn more about how we have helped others and what we can do for you.

Do you work with Title 1 and LCAP funding?

Yes! We partner with a variety of Title 1 schools and districts across the country.

Can we request your team for just a partial day?

Whenever you work with our team, you have our availability for the entire day, even if you don't need it. Our team is happy to work with you on how best to leverage the time for the day(s) to ensure we provide the best experiences and resources to your team possible.

How can I support your mission even if I am not a position to purchase anything?

Great question - we are sharing our message with the world - and we would love your help in doing so by following and engaging with us on social media!

Do you ever offer sales?

No, we don't align any special offers with seasons or holidays. Our SLED Student Leadership Program does offer early bird pricing for its annual subscription that ends April 1 each year leading up to its August 1 launch, but other than that, scheduling our services on Black Friday isn't going to be any different than any other Friday.

What entity normally pays for your experiences (schools, school districts, or counties?)

It depends on the service. Our SLED Student Leadership Program and Subscription Boxes are priced to be purchased at the school level, with our live events normally purchased at the district level or subsidized at the county level. Our sales team will help you work through finding the right funding sources for your specific situation.

Can I see your services somewhere else before purchasing them?

We implement our services at districts and conferences across the country throughout the year. Our sales team would be happy to share our experience team's schedule and arrange for you to visit one of our experiences the next time we're in your corner of the country. Connect with our team HERE to learn more.

Hosting Experiences

What happens after I purchase your services?

Our sales team will connect you with your experience manager, who will walk through the logistics of the experience, whether that means coordinating parking for one of our Escape Bus's or coaching one of your educators on facilitating our Subscription Box. Your experience manager will be your point of contact leading up to the day of the experience, when our on-site experience manager (for live experiences) will take over to ensure an impactful event.

Are there any additional fees?

As long as the scope of work doesn't change, no there are not! Our team handles our travel, transportation, resources, and accomodations to bring you the full experience you purchased.

Can I invite people to come observe the experience?

We hope you do! We love showcasing your school, district, or county as an innovative leader in professional development and classroom pedagogy to as many people as possible.

What do I need to prepare to host your team?

Our experience manager will connect with you on any preparation that may be needed, but normally for our training programs it's just the wifi password for the day, a microphone, and a projector.

What happens after your team comes?

It depends on the service, but for our training programs, each of your attendees will receive access to our platform for a feedback survey (we will share the results of the survey with you), a leaderboard for the experience, and a recap of the takeaways from the experience.

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