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Mobile Device Deployment

Effective technology integration


Creating cultural excitement and acceptance of technology with a sustainable framework

for ongoing support 


Our mobile deployment support offers proven strategies through culture development experiences for aligning device deployments to measurable outcomes that foster continuity across grade/school levels. Based upon the identified needs, we can tailor the approach that matches your goals and the current status of your Mobile Deployment process.

Students using technology

Develop Culture

  • Consult with leaders of the school/district in adopting strategies to effectively integrate the devices

  • Host deployment day events setting the culture for the experience 

Students using iPads

Deploy Devices

  • Lead the school in organizing a device distribution plan

  • Manage the process of distributing inventory, downloading software, and educating users on device functionality

Students with technology

Distinguish Responsibilities

  • Develop roles for students and educators within the professional learning environment to help each other use technology most effectively
  • Clearly communicate effective digital citizenship  
Student on Technology
Feedback Background

The iSchool team managed the equipment, created excitement within the whole school, and delivered training sessions that were just awesome. Everyone went above and beyond.


- Educator, Fulton County Schools, GA

Student on iPad
Feedback Background

The team was enthusiastic and helpful. The teachers were thrilled to have the support. They were organized and efficient.


- Admin at Fulton County  Schools, GA 

Logistics Outline






prep days

Of in-person support

Individual school or district rollouts

Can vary based on location

Complimentary Solutions

Student leaders 

to maintain devices

Student Leadership Training

Incentivize ongoing student support

SLED student Community

Create curriculum with your tech

Teacher Training
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