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Unlock Experiential Learning

Explore the transformative power of experiential learning! 

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“Great training. I haven't had one in a long time that I can take info and activities directly into the class.”

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PD by ProSolve Workshop

Designed For

District-level teams

School sites

PLC Teams

OST staff

Regional Service Centers

PD by ProSolve Workshop

Perfect For


PD days

School Meetings


PLC Meetings

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Program Overview

Program Length: 3–6 hours

Get energized, work together, challenge your problem-solving abilities, and leave with a deep understanding of Learning, Experienced (LXP) Framework. Attendees will expand their instructional toolkit with LXP framework, the AI ERA lesson planning template, and a subscription to ProSolve's AI tool.

In an AI world, we must nurture human-centered skills to prepare our students for today and the future. We do this by unlocking experiential learning!

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✓ Join an Immersive AI World

✓ Solve Hand-on Challenges

✓ Design Lessons

✓ Use AI Tools

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Unlock Experiential Learning Outcomes

  • Build teamwork while immersed in experiential learning.

  • Examine Human Intelligence for an AI world.

  • Build an experiential learning toolkit.

  • Become certified as a LXP learning facilitator.

Pioneer the Future of Education

Partner with ProSolve to transform professional learning with modern teaching, learning, and assessment approaches.

Schedule your discovery call today!


“Adults and students need opportunities to connect with those around them and feel valued as part of a team. We all have strengths that show in different ways.”
–San Joaquin County Office of Education, CA

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Our Philosophy

Learning, Experienced
to Build Human Intelligence

The Learning, Experienced (LXP) Framework is an innovative approach to redefining the educational experience. Grounded in the dual pillars of experiential learning and Human Intelligence, this research-based Framework aims to deepen learning and ensure student success in an AI-influenced world.

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Learn, Engage, Experience

The PD by ProSolve Difference

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Ongoing Development

Continued learning with online courses, virtual meetings, and through the use of AI tools.

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Practical & Actionable

Strategies and tools that can be immediately implemented to increase learning outcomes.

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Accelerate Change

Cutting-edge, experiential learning that drives impactful improvements in teaching and learning.

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Engaging & Modern

Fun and engaging hands-on approach that inspires and transforms practices.

Our Global Impact


Teachers & Administrators Served






School Districts Impacted

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Partner with ProSolve

Schedule a discovery call to learn who we can transform professional learning with modern teaching, learning, and assessment approaches together.


Let’s build a positive culture and improve teamwork in your district!

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