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Comprehensive PD Resources

To create quality experiences for professional development, there are three essential components: Rich and quality content material, excellent trainers to facilitate that content, and incentives to encourage engagement and continued growth. Our platform shares certified, user-generated resources of best practices for each component from the leading education practitioners across the country. 

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Differentiated PD in education is essential to better role model what effectively engaging diverse student groups in the classroom can look like.

There's a time for instruction, for hands-on problem solving, for individual work and reflection, and for action. Our platform breaks down PD into 4 module types: workshops, sations, courses, and projects.

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Lessons + Instruction

Workshops are more of your traditional PD. They focus on an instructor at the front providing knowledge and experience. While lecturing may be one component of workshops, it should not be the majority of the time, as conversations will engage more effectively than a monologue.

Audience Size: 20-30

Ideal Timeframe: 60-120 minutes

Goal: Inspire interest to further pursue a topic.

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Hands-on Problem Solving

Our kinetic learners will thrive in an environment with Station based PD, built around hands-on, team-based challenges. The goal is to learn new ideas about a topic in a fun and interactive way while developing the 4 C's of Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking. 

Audience Size: 3-5

Ideal Timeframe: 10-20 minutes

Goal: Experience the 4C's 

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Online Work + Reflection

As we move students to more of a blended learning model, we need to role model what this looks like with our PD. Online content allows users to work at their own pace and apply information on an individual basis to address specific challenges and form customized solutions.

Audience Size: Individual

Ideal Timeframe: 30-45 minutes

Goal: Synthesize and evaluate concepts to apply in class

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Taking Action on Ideas

Team-based implementation of action plans are designed to apply the knowledge gained and theories created in previous content types. Projects are connected to clear metrics of what they hope to achieve and track progress throughout the experience to provide actionable data for future project iterations.

Audience Size: 4-6

Ideal Timeframe: 3-6 months

Goal: Track progress toward clear and quantifiable goals 

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Finding talented trainers you can trust is tough - especially when you are looking for trainers who are specialized in a specific topic.


Our national database of qualified trainers allows you to filter your search by:

  • The badges, certifications, and experience each trainer has earned

  • Past district reviews

  • Geographics

  • Cost  


Find the best talent for your specific needs, seamlessly.

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Micro-credentials are an effective way for people to showcase their experience and work. They also show proof of learning, create incentives for participation, and measure the overall success of your professional development strategy. 

Create sustainable motivation for your team that grows with you. 


Management System

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Customized PD Resources

Accessing our platform's database of content, trainers, and badges is beneficial for general ideas on PD best practices. Access to the platform’s management system allows districts to customize PD events by creating and uploading their own content, trainers, and badges.

In addition, you will have access to the following tools:

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Attendee Dashboard

Curate your own PD content into an online event page. They can then invite users to participate, create an event schedule, collect feedback, allow session registration, upload photos, and share session resources.

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Event Organization

Create a unique login profile for each of your users. Each user will be able to access past and future PD events, provide feedback on their experience, access content and resources, and earn customized badges. 

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User Profiles

Manage all your users from one central location. Keep track of attendance, badges earned, upcoming and past PD events, and analyze aggregated feedback on all content, trainers, and PD experiences.