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Facilitating Station-Based Learning

What is a Station?

A station is designed to be

a 10 to 15 minute challenge centered around a measurable objective.

a real-world challenge for a participant(s) to solve related to the focus area.  

Why Stations?

Stations invoke a sense of urgency through both the “written scenario” and time allotment, exemplifies the discovery learning model, encourages participants to take an active role in securing knowledge/skill(s) all the while fostering the opportunity for participant(s) to use critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills.

Components of a Station

Challenge Sheet - contains the scenario and station instructions

Station Activity Kit - resources needed to accomplish the station

Station Handbook - lesson plan (objective, description, instructions, required resources)

Station Icon - image that is reflective of the station

How to develop a Station

1. Scenario

The goal of a station is to solve a real-world problem

Select the content area and develop a compelling story

Creative Story:

 Develop a storyline that stimulates the imagination and builds a sense of wonder where participants conclude that their skillset is needed to solve a challenge relating to the content.

The story should:

Create an invested participant  (how do I get people to want to learn more about the topic)

Focus on shared outcome and desires (we all want to be a part of a winning team)

Suspend reality (wrap participants in a world where anything is possible)

Bring participants into the world (immersion and role playing)


Determine the measurable outcome that you want participants to achieve during the station

2. Description

Write a response to the following:

What will participants do to accomplish the objective?

3. Instructions

Document the resources and materials needed to facilitate the station  

Document instructions needed to facilitate the station


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