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Gilroy Middle and High School SLED Launches

One of our favorite things about our Students Leading Education program is that it is not built for a specific age or grade - it’s built for a mindset of ownership for the type of education that students want to experience.

Through both of our 3-day launch experiences for the middle and high schools, we saw that mindset exemplified in the students and SLED advisors. From the workshops to the project creation and presentation, Gilroy SLED leaned in to the opportunity that their district empowered them with to be the change they want to see.

At the conclusion of the launch experience, SLED students launched projects tackling diversity in elective offerings, leadership development and educational assistance through tutoring programs, nutritious food scarcity for the impoverished, and so much more.

We’re excited to work with Gilroy’s SLED teams as they continue to impact their community and prepare for our annual virtual competition next year.


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