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iSchool Launches the GPS Airship

Introducing the next generation of Escape the Bus Experiences

iSchool Initiative, in partnership with Cisco, Global Problem Solvers, and Facilitron, has created the Global Problem Solver Airship Experience. This "escape room on wheels" is a fully immersive learning environment that puts problem solving skills to the test for teams of 6-12 students, educators, and administrators.

The GPS Airship is the next iteration of iSchool Initiative's Escape the Bus, and, similar to its predecessor, is designed to role model learning through the 4C's of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Incorporating a variety of technologies and subject matters, the station-based challenges cater to multiple learning styles, engaging different participants to step up and lead to their strengths, while breaking down social barriers and building a lasting sense of camaraderie.

Following each 60-minute escape experience, our team leads a powerful debrief on how both students and educators can work together to help transform learning into global problem solving environments,

The GPS Airship is scheduled to tour the country at educational conferences, as well as individual school districts. Connect with our team to see when the GPS Airship will be in your region of the country!



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