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iSchool Partners with Learn Lead Innovate for Leadership Workshops

Equipping Texas Administrators to Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve

Learn Lead Innovate brought together education thought leaders for informative and collaborative workshops with Texas administrators addressing school safety, digital equity, and data privacy.

"Artificial intelligence is transforming education, whether we like it or not."

Said Tim Watrous, the co-founder of Learn Lead Innovate. "It can either be a powerful tool to leverage, or a dangerous vulnerability. With foresight and intentionality, we can stay ahead of the technology curve to prepare our students for a future and workforce shaped by AI."

The workshops, held in both San Antonio and Houston, featured iSchool Initiative's Travis Allen, who shared our vision for the future of education, as well as world renown educator, speaker, author, and November Learning conference founder Alan November.

Friends of Texas Public Schools helped bring each workshop together, in addition to support from Northside ISD and Klein ISD hosting each event.

Administrators left the workshops with actionable takeaways in regard to their IT infrastructure, facility utilization, physical and digital asset protection and management, and pedagogical focuses.

Our team loved meeting the administrators from across multiple departments and districts during our gamified product experiences that we facilitated to demonstrate the use cases for SLED (Students Leading Education), Facilitron, and Cisco WebEx Teams.

"The more experiential we can make education - the more real problems we can give students to solve - the more they will develop critical thinking skills that will refine their ability to solve problems. Creating those experiential environments starts with the professional learning that we provide to educators and administrators." Said Travis Allen.

Learn Lead Innovate ended the workshop by inviting the district administrators to join them for the fall cohort of their Chief Innovation Officer certification, an 8-month intensive program equipping participants to step into senior leadership roles in their districts.


We love partnering to provide innovative training for students, educators, and administrators. To work with us for a future event, connect with our team below.


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