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New Case Study for QUEST's Extended Learning Program

QUEST set out on a 12-week journey this summer, implementing QUEST Academy with nearly 7,000 students and educators across the country. The results? Overwhelmingly positive.

Watch the summer program in action here:

Approximately 1,200 students all completed a pre and post-assessment that had them reflect on their experience with QUEST, as well as themselves. The case study aimed to measure three key areas of growth during the summer program.

The data from the case study showed a 27% increase overall within these three categories. The following are comments and figure examples taken from the case study.

“It was amazing! It was thrilling and difficult. It made learning fun! I hope I get to experience this feeling again.” - Student

“QUEST has inspired me to work with people instead of trying to struggle by myself.” - Student

“Groups that were once so shy, started taking risks and not being scared of failure. Teams that were lost made efforts to try and complete the challenges. All students were so motivated!” - Teacher

“The level of academic language use during discussions was tremendous. Student engagement was at the highest level in the classrooms. The inclusivity of "Tribes" bridged social and emotional gaps between students of all levels.” - Teacher

Figure Examples

You can download the complete case study here.

QUEST Case Study- Summer 2021
Download PDF • 1.24MB


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