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New summer program to address learning loss

With the recent requests from our customers to address Learning Loss, iSchool has launched a brand new summer student program: Quest Academy. Districts currently have a significant need for engaging hands-on programs that focus on critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. The biggest constraint for districts has been a lack of time to develop new programs and the capacity to execute them.

We have taken some of the best elements from our QUEST experience and our SLED student training program to create QUEST Academy. The goal of the program is to help students with the following:

What is QUEST Academy:

Our summer program is a highly engaging experience that uses gaming concepts familiar to students while developing their ability to think critically and solve problems. Students will work in teams to survive a simulated post-apocalyptic world where all adults have mysteriously vanished. Following the simulation, students will take what new skills they have learned to solve real problems that exist in the community around them.

Download the program fly for more details.

QUEST Academy
Download PDF • 737KB

Interested in securing a spot for your district this summer? Schedule a call or email us at


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