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Creating Schools that are Safe Places to Solve Problems

Our Founder and CEO, Travis Allen, sat down with Jeff Bradburry (@JeffBradbury) of the TeacherCast Podcast to discuss our company’s founding roots, where we see education currently, and how we are partnering with districts across the world to transform the culture of education.

Here are a few takeaways:

We believe that we need to develop human intelligence. We can no longer compete with technology’s ability to find and filter information. Thus, anything based on memorizing, anything based on simply identifying information, can and is being outsourced to artificial intelligence.

If all we really do in education is ask Googleable questions, we should be replaced by Google.

So, we want to focus on investing in skills that make us as humans unique. Skills such as our ability to take information that’s publicly available online, apply it to real problems, and create new solutions, create new information.

Imagine what would an education system would look like where students and educators came together each day to solve problems? How would it impact student engagement to experience instead of recite, to discover instead of rehearse?

This is an easy vision to get excited about, but a bold vision to implement - we realize that - but schools in our Students Leading Education (SLED) program across the country are living out these principles each day, and we’re excited to continue building the human intelligence movement.

You can learn more about SLED and how to bring it to your district by connecting with us below.


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