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SLED Annual Competition Champions!

Teams across the country in our Students Leading Education program are changing their schools and communities in amazing ways.

From building school spirit and mentoring their younger peers, to serving as a district IT team and educating their teachers on technology, and so much in between, our SLED teams are taking ownership of where they are learning and leading the charge on solving some of the biggest problems their districts are facing.

Each year as part of our virtual competition, SLED teams send in videos recapping their impact throughout the year for the opportunity to earn prize money which will further advance their projects. This year the impact was greater and the competition closer than ever before.

However, after much deliberation, we are excited to congratulate our 2019 SLED Annual Competition champions, Norris Middle School (first place), Bennett’s Mill Middle (second place), and Dartmouth Middle School (third place)!

You can watch all 3 teams’ recap videos at

To overview just a fraction of our winning team’s projects, this year Norris Middle Implemented:

  • Genius Bar open every week in the library to answer student questions about technology

  • Pixels Escape Rooms hosted an escape experience for district officials and then pitched resources they need to help their teachers gamify the classroom. After the experience, they were awarded with $1,300 to advance this effort.

  • Lunch Games to build culture and get students and teachers to connect with each other through fun outdoor activities

  • Launched Crew Groups to volunteer weekly with other organizations on campus and market, fundraise, and execute events, as well as connecting with new students to welcome them in and mentor local elementary schools

Congratulations to all our 2019 SLED Chapters on an amazing year, and we’re looking forward to the impact you each create next year!


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