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SLED Launch Experience // JC Booth & Flat Rock Middle Schools

Student voice is a powerful force, as the students from JC Booth and Flat Rock Middle School exemplified through our 3-day SLED Launch Experience. Empowered to be leaders in their own education, our SLED students came alive around the problems they were challenged to solve, and we saw amazing impact in just the first 3 days. We're so excited to see their chapters continue to flourish in the coming years.

Through our partnership with PowerUp EDU, who is providing the connected classroom bundle of technology tools in Fayette County classrooms, we created a series of experiences to connect the SLED students with each other, with their teachers and administration, and with their own ability to influence change.

In three short days, SLED students were creating project implementation plans to tackle student motivation and information retention, technology adoption and effective use, school cleanliness, school culture and spirit, and much more. Students from both SLED programs were incredibly articulate in not only casting vision with their district administrators for what school can be like, but also in explaining how and when they will take the action necessary to realize that vision.

We are excited to continue our partnership with PowerUp EDU and Fayette County in creating a culture of student problem solvers who are tackling real issues in their schools, communities, and world.

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