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Maximizing student enrichment and impact during your summer program is now easier than ever with ProSolve’s We Staff solution!

Your Summer Learning Staffing Partner

Creating a fun and engaging environment for learning is at the heart of what we do. When you partner with ProSolve, your students will develop problem-solving and social-emotional skills through our hands-on, experiential program and experience daily success.


ProSolve is a proven summer learning staffing partner to our districts, not merely a supplier. We care about the success of our partners and make it our sole focus.


in Performance

We Staff is easy, efficient and effective! 

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We Staff has a high district retention rate and our service is second to none.

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QUEST is our only subject and we’ve got it down to a science. Districts depend on us for student results. And we always deliver.

ProSolve’s We Staff now offers two options for your summer learning program goals.

Whether you choose We Facilitate or We Coach for your program, developing relationships with students is a priority for us. Our team members will be equipped with strategies to create a classroom community and use positive behavioral interventions and support strategies for classroom management.

We Staff Services


With We Facilitate, you will have a dedicated QUEST teacher in your room for your summer learning program to Play, Connect, and Create with students each day. 

Certified to deliver the learning experience, your professional trainer will be prepared to staff a classroom or group of students.
Flexible facilitator staffing models available to fit your program needs.
Your trainer will be an expert in gameplay, classroom management strategies, differentiation/scaffolding, and overall program implementation.
Extensive experience facilitating experiential learning that is immersive, interactive, and highly engaging.
Dedicated communication liaison between your program and QUEST customer success team.



We Coach is coaching and training to ensure facilitators are prepared and confident for program success. Perfect for programs needing a full day, or a few hours, of on-site training.


We Staff is ideally executed within the first few days, or the first week or two of programming QUEST. 

QUEST experts knowledgeable and experienced with QUEST, Connect, & Creators will work with your team to build best-practices across your program implementation.
Turn-key support for the physical set-up and launch of QUEST camp including tech support - PLUS setting up the remainder of camp for success.
Provide just-in-time support and coaching to QUEST facilitators. Serve as a communication liaison between the site and CSMs/ESS.
Dedicated communication liaison between your program and QUEST customer success team.



See how ProSolve's We Staff solutions can supercharge summer learning!

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Southern California

Lindsay Litzinger

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Northern California

Kassie Mendes

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Emily Chapelle

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New York

Jennifer Fosegan

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