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Solving Real-World Problems 

Empowering students to be the leaders of today by developing and executing school and community-enhancing projects.


Every school is unique and has its own challenges when it comes to changing education. Our student leadership training is focused on positioning students to go out and solve the educational problems facing their school. Students’ primary objective is to develop and implement project ideas that create a positive change in education.

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9 months

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For Students

Student Elective  //  Solving Real World Problems

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Students Presenting
Feedback Background

The skills our students gained during this 3-day training are invaluable in their journey to being leaders of change in our school. The iSchool team was very easy to work with and their energy was infectious.


- Advisor at Fulton County Schools, GA

Students Celebrating
Feedback Background

I believe I personally gained a better understanding of how technology can be used in my school.

I also learned how to be able to communicate my ideas effectively through a presentation.


- Student at Glen Rock Public Schools, NJ