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Teacher Leadership

Coaching Content Creators


Empowering educators to develop quality professional development experiences


iSchool Initiative works with administrators to identify a select group of educators from their district who exemplify what it means to be an innovative teacher. This program is designed to prepare teachers to become leaders in their communities. Teachers will have access to virtual content to build their own professional learning programs and access to a community of other online educational professionals.

Educators Laughing

Training on innovative content creation resources

  • Effective structures and templates for content development are explored  

  • Existing school/district resources are assessed for how they can best be leveraged in quality content development

Educators Discussing

Experience creating and presenting experiential PD

  • We develop confidence in attendees' competency to deliver rich and innovative PD content to their peers

  •  Each attendee applies what they learn in creating an experiential workshop on a topic of their choice

Educators Using Technology
Engagement in our online content ecosystem
  • Educators learn to leverage our platform of nationally curated professional learning content to create and share content, building a personal brand and collaborating with peers across the county

Educator Talking
Feedback Background

Two teachers participating in the training were so excited on Day 2 that they left for lunch to visit with their principal and discuss opportunities for providing a similar experience for their campus.


- Administrator, Weatherford ISD, TX

Edcators Listening
Feeback Background

If you want to inspire your teachers to become passionate about blended learning, just invite the iSchool team to your school for a motivating training!


- Administrator, White Settlement ISD, TX 

Logistics Outline






prep days

Of in-person trainers

The top educators from 3-5 schools

Can vary based on location

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