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We are

We prepare students and educators to problem-solve

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We're on a mission

If we do this right

To create a school environment that develops students, teachers, and administrators' ability to solve problems

Students will be confident, motivated problem-solvers prepared to tackle today's challenges

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The technical skills required for youth to succeed in the future are unknown. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and automative technology are changing the workforce. In order to remain competitive, a problem-solving mindset is necessary.


We believe problem-solvers can teach themselves whatever skills are needed in the future to succeed. Problem-solvers are creative, adaptable, analytical, and entrepreneurial. Above all, they are critical thinkers capable of solving problems that technology can't. Problem-solving abilities will always be relevant and are increasingly in-demand.

In order for schools to create problem-solvers, we believe that students must either:

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Practice solving simulations of real-world problems

Solve real-world problems faced by their community

Changing the School Environment

Traditional lessons have scaffolding, step by step instructions, and train students to pass a test. As a result, we've see a decline in independent students with self-efficacy.

The solution? Bring fresh new ideas to teachers that build problem-solving skills.


Our professional coaches and trainers are experts in designing lessons, classrooms, and experiences that motivate and engage students to use the "four Cs":

  • Creativity

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Critical Thinking

We provide teacher and administrator training workshops, single- or multi-day camps, and Mobile Escape Room experiences.

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