About Us

We're on a mission

If we do this right

To create an ecosystem developing students, teachers & administrators' ability to solve problems.

Schools will become an environment for students to learn how to solve problems every day.

Our Gl   bal Impact


Presented to


Admins, Educators, &


Provided training in


Countries across 4 continents

Have certified


Students, Teachers, & Administrators

[ And we're just getting started ]

  Our Beginnings  

Our founder, Travis Allen, was one of those students. While attending high school in 2009, his smart phone was confiscated when he tried to take notes on it because the policy was “no phones allowed.” Travis disagreed with the policy and decided to do something about it. He went home and created a viral YouTube video on reforming education through the power of technology, and a passion for reforming education began.


While our company has evolved over time, we still believe in empowering students, like Travis, who challenge the status quo to improve their schools, community, and world.

Grab some popcorn, we have a documentary!

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