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We fulfill it by

providing experiential learning that is highly engaging and relevant to the world today

We're on a mission

to ensure all students have the skills to prepare for the future workforce

Our Leadership


Paul Littlewood

Chief Revenue Officer


Travis Allen



Michelle Ament, EdD

Chief Academic



Kevin Custer


Our Vision


We believe that experiential learning cultivates a comprehensive set of skills, competencies, and traits that are essential for students to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


It's critical for schools to move beyond traditional academic knowledge and emphasize critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, and effective communication. True future-ready preparation requires students to be immersed in learning where they can practice the skills, resilience, and adaptability necessary to excel in an ever-evolving job landscape. 


Join our visionary approach to learning, where we collectively shape an education system that comprehensively readies students for the dynamic world ahead!

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Our Team

Our Founders

In 2009, a high school student was using his smart phone to take notes in class. His phone was confiscated because school policy was "no phones allowed".


That student was our Co-Founder, Travis Allen. He disagreed with the policy, and created a viral video to show the world how technology could enhance education.


Travis Allen




Arvin Ross

Chief Culture Architect & Co-Founder

Travis saw a significant need to improve and support education. New tools, information, and technology were coming out every year, and schools were struggling to keep up. With Arvin Ross, a fellow innovator who believed in revolutionizing education to create a new type of learning environment, he founded ProSolve in 2012.

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