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Don't miss the forest for the trees.

Why are schools built? To prepare students. It's time to focus on the future of education, and cultivate the next generation of problem-solvers.

Specialize, modernize, revolutionize.

Our approach creates superstar educators that are passionate, powerful innovators. Students become problem-solvers ready to tackle any challenge.

Our Philosophy

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Our Approach

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Cultivate the Four Cs

Build critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills

Our programs all cultivate the Four Cs: Critical thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication. These skills are in high demand. They are essential for creating innovative solutions to today’s problems.

The Four Cs prepare students to thrive in an ever-evolving workforce. They enable educators to connect with students in meaningful ways, and create engaging, dynamic classroom lessons.

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Inspire Educators

Develop a growth mindset, find the "fun", and lead with confidence

Our programs encourage educators to embrace change and try new things. We help educators develop growth mindsets and find the “fun” of being a teacher — through curiosity, excitement, and passion for making a difference. 

We believe inspired teachers and administrators make the best leaders. We show how to create immersive learning experiences in the classroom, and help infuse a positive problem-solving culture into schools.

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Create Lasting Impact

Confront challenges with enthusiasm, resilience, and the skills to succeed

Our programs aren’t just brilliant, fun experiences that last a day and quickly disappear. They generate massive momentum for ongoing staff and student development. Participants in our programs gain confidence, perspective, and motivation to challenge themselves. They seek opportunities and tackle problems with enthusiasm.

That’s the magic of our professional development programs: our energy raises the roof, and brings out the best in people. We do pre- and post-assessments and align our professional development to district goals to ensure it stays relevant for your local community for years to come.

Our Offerings

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Our Certifications are powerful training opportunities for teachers that guide them to become excellent facilitators of learning.


Learn how to create "a-ha!" moments for others, generate excitement and energy in the classroom, and lead effectively.



Our Academies are student summer camps, workshops, and after school programs tailored for your school or district's needs.

Elevate student learning, create learners with a growth mindset, impart 21st century skills, and prepare students for careers.

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We offer special experiences tailored for mixed groups of educators and administrators that take collaboration to the next level.

Get inspired by our keynotes, work across departments with our escape experiences, and foster camaraderie at your school.

How It Works

Program Support Tools

Each program we create includes the following:
Measured Outcomes

Each program has preset metrics that it aims to achieve. We will help track and analyze the growth of those metrics. You may add custom metrics.

Project Manager

One of our staff will work with you to coordinate logistics, supplies, creating an agenda, and be on-site during the actual event to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

Event Webpage

We provide a custom web page for you to use with attendees. This page includes an agenda, allows for session registration, showcases all content shared, and collects user feedback. 

More Information

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