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ProSolve invites top talent to join us in fulfilling our mission.

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Who are we?

At ProSolve, our mission is to ensure all K-12 students have the skills/abilities needed to prepare for the future workforce. We do this by providing experiential learning that is highly engaging and relevant to the world today.


Our vision is to create a generation of career-ready problem solvers by leading education’s transition from a knowledge-based to an experiential-based system. ProSolve's functions include a student leadership program called SLED, a game-based learning subscription called QUEST, and extensive professional learning services. 

Company Culture Statement

Our culture defines what it is like to work here and the beliefs we have.

  • ProSolve’s culture is composed of individuals who love to solve difficult problems, show respect to all, and have a playful spirit.

  • As a company, we have talented people who thrive on freedom, autonomy, and candid feedback. 

  • We uphold these ideas by promoting trust in our employees and transparency in our company.

Our Beliefs


We believe that a playful spirit transforms day-to-day work into an environment for creating amazing products and meaningful connections. Whether it be an internal company meeting or an event with customers, we believe in creating an environment of play. Play leads to discovery, new friendships, enjoyment, creativity, and so much more. Just as we hope to create schools as more of a place to play and problem-solve, we want the same for our company. We value people who don’t take themselves too seriously and enjoy the work they do and the people they get to do it with. Additionally, we know that life does not revolve around a person's job. Employees who find enjoyment and time for work and personal interests lead to an overall better and more productive company. How we role model this: Company Socials - Our company has monthly video game nights for those who opt-in, social chat channels to share non-work-related interests and life events, and more. Gamified Culture - We gamify many aspects of our company. For example, we gamify our interview process when looking for new candidates.


We believe in challenging each other to do the “impossible”, putting difficult problems in our path, and having grace as we fail along the way to accomplish them. Companies that continue to innovate stay ahead of the competition. A culture that doesn’t allow for failure encourages a culture that: maintains the status quo, creates fear of trying new things, and sweeps urgent issues under the rug. We acknowledge that if we want to solve difficult problems in the world, we have to be willing to take risks, fail along the way, and grow from trying. Furthermore, we believe we need to apply this same belief in helping our clients solve problems as well. We value people that can identify problems that exist in our company, articulate that problem in a healthy way, and then are empowered to go and solve that problem. Just as we hope to create schools that encourage failure and doing hard things, we want the same for our company. How we role model this: Celebrate Learning from Failures - We have social channels dedicated to sharing things we tried and failed. We encourage reflecting on things we try by answering these three questions: What went well, what did not, and what was missing? Discovery Mode - We label milestones/tasks/projects within our company that are clearly attempting to improve or do something we have never done before. We label them as Discovery mode to make it clear that grace is given when we try new things we don’t know will work.


We believe companies who empower employees to have freedom and autonomy lead to a company that innovates and is more efficient with its resources. Traditional company hierarchies promote a top-down approach that might be effective in the short term but fall short in the long term. It is so imperative that we trust the fact that we hire smart, capable humans in our company, and therefore those that are often at the ground level of a problem, have better insight into how to solve that problem. Just as we want to see schools give more voice and choice to allow students to identify and solve their own problems, we want the same for our employees in our company. We value employees that are given equal respect to everyone, regardless of title or status. We believe that all employees have valuable ways to contribute and it is up to leadership within an organization to make sure that that value is manifested. How we role model this Transparency - Most information can be found and is often shared in regard to the company. (This would exclude things like employee personal information) We focus on providing as much context to our people in order to have them make the best decisions. Minimal Policies - We try to keep things like expense policies to a minimum in order to allow the flexibility you might need to make the best possible choice as long as it is in pursuit of doing what is in ProSolve's best interest. Unlimited PTO - Nothing says “we trust you” more than simply allowing our employees to set their own hours and take off when they need to take off. Our belief is that you are a competent person and know best how to manage your time to be effective at your job.


Employee Benefits

Flexible Time Off: Our policy about time off is "take what you need". Notify your supervisor in advance, and as long as your work is getting done and it's not a critical time for schools (such as the first week of class, when we need all hands on deck!), you're good to go.

Insurance Coverage: ProSolve offers dental, vision, STD, LTD, and life insurance plans to employees, with a stipend for health insurance.

401k: ProSolve offers a 401(k) plan with employer match.

Professional Learning Opportunities: We provide team members with opportunities to grow and evolve their skills, and encourage them to stay passionate and curious with their careers.

Fun, Passionate, and Friendly Coworkers: Our team is full of talented individuals whose passions include airsoft, cooking, snowboarding, video games, tabletop RPGs, art, and much more. Be ready for a warm welcome.

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