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Innovative sel enrichment fosters lasting success

QUEST Adventures provides after-school learners with authentic experiences that engages them to actively build, apply, and transfer their SEL skills to support personal growth and academic achievement.

Improve attendance, behavior, and academic performance with QUEST Adventures!


“Because of the pandemic, kids did not get to develop social-emotional skills; they didn’t get to learn to work together since they were by themselves. Since implementing QUEST, they are a lot nicer to each other; they respect themselves more.  It gives them that sense of belonging that they are a part of something, they have a purpose.”
–Alma Cuevas, Director of Expanded Learning


SEL is Foundational, Not Optional

Social-emotional learning is a key indicator of student success. After-school programs offer a unique and low-risk setting for students to build the SEL skills that help them become resilient, engaged, and productive adults.


SEL Curriculum for Grades K-8

QUEST Adventures' immersive and developmentally appropriate purposeful play actively empowers students to build, apply, and transfer social-emotional skills through authentic experiential learning.

K-2 Primary Level

QUEST Adventures Starforce

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Starforce is designed to meet early learners' academic and developmental needs.  It is a fun, engaging, and dynamic SEL enrichment curriculum that fosters a sense of belonging and develops social-emotional skills through an evidence-building solution.

3-8 Intermediate Level 

QUEST Adventures Apex Academy

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Apex Academy is designed to meet the needs of intermediate learners. The immersive SEL curriculum leverages problem-solving and team-based challenges to encourage positive behaviors such as cooperation, respect, and responsibility.

What's Included?

An easy-to-implement, all-inclusive program

of problem-based learning content



Over one hour of animated story


High-quality, reusable game pieces

Class Code to access digital content

Facilitator Resources and Support

Family and community comunication

Home-School-Connection 2.jpeg

Facilitator and student recruitment material

Upfront professional development


Build. Apply. Transfer.

Our CASEL-aligned SEL curriculum introduces an innovative pathway to ignite curiosity and enhance skills, guiding students through a journey from foundational learning to real-world application.


Responsive SEL lessons help BUILD skills and behaviors in a culturally responsive and inclusive environment.

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Students APPLY their SEL skills in authentic, relevant, and meaningful ways. The application of skills and behaviors happens during QUEST gameplay; it is here that the task, purpose, and audience are authentic.



Purposeful reflection is built into the experience, supporting students in reflecting upon what they have learned to TRANSFER their learning to a real-world context. This deepens SEL learning and promotes transferring skills and behaviors to students’ daily lives.


Whole Child Approach with Proven Impact

QUEST Adventures is an evidence-building and research-based solution designed to propel students toward personal and academic growth both in and outside the classroom.


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Nurtures Problem Solvers

80% of students believe they increased their ability to solve problems by playing QUEST.

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Builds Teamwork

90% of students said they learned that collaborating & communicating with others is useful

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Develops Relationship Skills

73% of students said they developed skills in cooperation & compromise while playing QUEST.


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Awesome Attendance

80% of students were in attendance during their summer programs thanks to QUEST.

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Fun & Engaging

86% of students rated their QUEST experience as extremely positive!

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Highly Captivating

73% of students reported a sense of curiosity, and sustained focus when playing QUEST.

Increase Academic Performance

Propel your students forward with QUEST Adventures! Explore high-quality instructional materials designed to develop essential higher-order thinking skills students need to master key competencies in content aligned to Mathematics and Reading standards.

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Aligned to CASEL's Core competencies

QUEST Adventures supports improving attendance, behavior, and academic performance in response to the district’s focus on increasing accountability measures.

Students gain mastery in a safe environment to practice and build their abilities in:


  • Speaking and listening, leadership, self-management, organization, and goal-setting.

  • Identifying skills needed to take risks, productively struggle, and persevere through challenges with educator guidance.

  • Understanding of individual and collective strengths, diversity, and differing viewpoints.

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In QUEST Adventures, students are immersed in a world where they must work in teams to survive, manage resources, and compete in challenges. They build vital SEL skills and apply core academic skills.

Increase Attendance Rates

Make every afterschool moment thrilling with QUEST Adventures, drawing students into a world of immersive experiences that encourage regular school attendance.

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QUEST Adventures
After-School Learning Outcomes

QUEST Adventures blends social-emotional learning with academic growth, active engagement, and skill enhancement to forge a comprehensive path to student success.

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Enhanced teamwork, critical thinking, communicationand collaborative problem-solving—skills essential for success in school and beyond.

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By leveraging purposeful and cooperative play scenarios, we ensure students are participants and active learners and excited to be at school.

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Cognitive & Social Development

A proven track record of fostering SEL skills alongside academic competencies, ensuring a balanced growth that prepares students for the future.


“Our students keep telling me when they leave to go home they can’t wait to come back the next day to get back into the world of QUEST. All I hear about is teachers asking if they can do it again and students wanting to know when they can do it next.”
–Michael Griffin, Director of Expanded Learning

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Learning Together

QUEST Adventures unites students, teachers, and families in a dynamic SEL experience, enhancing engagement, attendance, and outcomes through innovative learning and support.

Students Love QUEST Adventures

Every school day becomes an eagerly awaited adventure, as QUEST Adventures offers students exciting challenges that spark curiosity and go beyond traditional SEL and critical thinking programs.

Strengthen Home-School Connection

QUEST Adventures, bridge home-school connections by empowering parents to actively participate in their child’s educational journey, enhancing student success both in and outside the classroom.

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Promote Positive Behavior

Team-based challenges naturally encourage positive behaviors such as cooperation, respect, and responsibility. QUEST reinforces the importance of working together effectively by engaging students in collaborative problem-solving.

Teachers Love QUEST Adventures

Beyond engaging students and enhancing outcomes, QUEST Adventures delights teachers with its simplicity, robust tools, and comprehensive support system, including dedicated program managers and extensive materials, making SEL development seamless and teaching more effective.

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Improve School Culture & Climate

Experience the transformative power of QUEST Adventures, designed to improve school culture & climate, and enrich students' learning journey with social-emotional skills, positive recognition, and inclusivity.

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SEL Integration & Personal Growth

Through immersive purposeful play learning, QUEST Adventures actively cultivates Social-Emotional Learning, empowering students and educators to understand and manage emotions, set positive goals, feel and show empathy, establish positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. 

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Recognition of Positive Contributions

QUEST Adventures creates opportunities for students to be recognized for their positive contributions to the team's success, reinforcing desirable behaviors and fostering students' sense of belonging and achievement.

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Inclusive & Supportive Environment

QUEST’s Adventures design supports an inclusive and supportive learning environment where all students feel valued and engaged. It ensures equitable access to positive reinforcement and support and contributes to a school culture where every student can thrive.

 Take the first step in building strong character and SEL skills

Meet the needs of the whole learner by prioritizing opportunities for authentic and relevant SEL learning experiences. For a detailed implementation plan and how QUEST aligns with your afterschool requirements, connect with us today!

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