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At ProSolve, we take education seriously, which is why we incorporate research-backed insights into every aspect of our programs.

Our commitment to providing top-notch education means that we prioritize the effectiveness of our programs, and we are confident that your students will benefit greatly from these efforts.

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ProSolve engaged LearnPlatform by Instructure, a third-party edtech research company, to develop a logic model for ProSolve's QUEST social-emotional learning and collaborative problem-solving program. LearnPlatform by instructure designed the logic model to satisfy Level IV requirements (Demonstrates a Rationale) according to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


Because of the development of the logic model and the plan for an ESSA Level III study, ProSolve's QUEST meets Tier IV evidence requirements in compliance with ESSA.


Under ESSA, schools and districts are encouraged to use evidence-based interventions that have been shown to improve student outcomes. ProSolve's endorsement by LearnPlatform reinforces its pivotal role in reshaping education and equipping educators to create a positive learning environment where students thrive and are prepared for the world ahead.

Successful social and emotional learning and collaborative problem-solving start with science-based experiential learning solutions.

QUEST’s Impact on Student Outcomes

Summer 2023 impact data measuring engagement, social-emotional learning, and workforce readiness based on 5,588 student and 163 facilitator responses found that QUEST:

Raised attendance rates
Increased engagement
 Elevated critical thinking skills
Increased team and self-awareness
Improved ability to solve complex problems
Skill transfer to the school day

Teachers reported significantly more learning across the 4 C’s when using QUEST compared to their classes during the academic year.
✓ 77% More Collaboration 
✓ 74% More Critical Thinking 
✓ 74% More Creativity 
✓ 71% More Communication


Why Quest.png

Enhanced Climate and Culture

  • Increased awareness of the social-emotional needs of students

  • Decreased negative behavior incidents and disciplinary referrals

Here's What to Expect with QUEST

Better Student Outcomes

  • Achievement and performance increase across multiple measures when learning is emotional, social,  and experiential.  

  • Growth in human intelligence skills, collaborative problem-solving, and career-essential skills.

  • Improve social and self-awareness skills through teamwork, perseverance, and strategic goal-setting

Improved Engagement

  • An immersive enrichment curriculum aligned with the CASEL framework

  • Relevant content that focuses on building SEL competencies and the 4Cs

  • Responsive support for targeted SEL skills development and practice

  • Differentiated content and language learner support to foster access and equity

Best-in-Class Facilitator and Teacher Support 

  • Understanding of framework and strategies for recognizing student strengths, agency, struggle, and reevaluating limitations

  • Mastery of experiential learning approaches for teaching, learning, and assessment

  • Access to guidance on creating optimal classroom conditions for collaboration and learning

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