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Transforming Education through Innovative PD powered by Learning, Experienced 

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PD by ProSolve Workshop

Professional development
at's fun, relevant, and engaging!

PD by ProSolve provides a different approach to professional learning for educators, administrators, and lifelong learners. Our focus on "Learning, Experienced," embodies our mission to make learning more authentic, practical, relevant, and engaging for the educational ecosystem.


Are your learning environments missing that learning spark? With PD by ProSolve, you'll gain the tools and strategies to introduce a dynamic, active learning approach to teaching and learning.




Our immersive 'learning by doing' model will help you take teaching beyond a transactional teaching approach to an immersive, experiential learning approach for real-world application.


We are committed to going beyond what traditional education offers and supporting your classrooms to create opportunities for students to practice and apply the social-emotional skills necessary in today's rapidly evolving world. 



PD by ProSolve Workshop

Designed For

District leadership
District-level teams/        departments
School sites 
   departments & PLCs

PD by ProSolve Workshop

Perfect For

 Professional                   Development Days
 Staff Meetings 
 Leadership Retreats
 Kick-off and


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Unlock the Future of Education

The Learning, Experienced Model

We help you reimagine teaching and learning. With us, PD is not about the same old teaching methods, but instead, we help you bring back the art of teaching, leaving behind the science of test-taking to transform classrooms into places of discovery. Environments where curiosity drives learning through immersive experiences. Spaces that build human-centered skills to equip students for career readiness and successful futures.

Key Benefits of the Learning, Experienced Model:

  • Career-Ready Skills: Foster teamwork, communication, adaptability, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

  • Human-Centered Skills: Prioritize the development of human-centered skills AI cannot replicate. 

  • Student Ownership: Engage with information in a meaningful and relevant way. 

  • Experiential Learning: Reimagine the student experience with learning by doing and rethinking traditional approaches to performance and tasks.

  • Teacher Transformation: Redefine the role of educators in the age of AI.

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“ProSolve stretched my thinking about problem-solving. It made me identify when I’ve been the obstacle keeping students and staff from doing the learning and problem-solving themselves.” 

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Our Workshops

Driven by an immersive learning model that engages and equips your teacher with practical understanding, when you bring PD by ProSolve to your district, attendees will be immersed in the thrill of learning like never before. 


Unlock Experiential Learning

Discover the keys to building human-centered classrooms

  • Immersive, team-based learning centered on the 4C’s and AI

  • The art and joy of teaching rekindled

  • Actionable plans aligned to key priorities

2+ Hours

Unlock Social & Emotional Learning 

Crack the Code on School Climate and Culture

  • Immersive, experiential learning centered on the CASEL framework

  • Supports SEL skill building in adults

  • Actionable plans aligned to key priorities

PD by ProSolve Workshop
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Keys to Transform Learning and  Classrooms 

Building supportive communities centered on experiential higher-order and problem-based learning while prioritizing the 4 C's is key to transforming education so all students are career and future-ready.


See how PD by ProSolve can help provide your adult learners with the skills and strategies they need to build human-centered classrooms. 

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Immersive Environment

Actively engages and excites leaders and educators.

Inquiry Through 

Unlock strategy and skills that drive results and growth.

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Authentic Application

Learning is applied practically across the district and in classrooms immediately.

Reflection with Transfer

Educators and leaders reflect and transfer learning into their daily work. 

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The ProSolve Difference

Professional development that inspires educators to transform teaching!

Your staff will experience development that is not theoretical but instead is a journey that stimulates their curiosity, builds problem-solving abilities, and ultimately transforms your team into empowered educators and pioneers of experiential learning.


Your team will gather invaluable insights into fostering student engagement and curiosity. Essentially, we are not just training educators - we’re inspiring them to become lifelong learners to help them rekindle the joy and art of teaching in their classrooms!

PD by ProSolve Workshop
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Develop Empowered Educators

Passionate Learning

ProSolve’s professional development fosters curiosity and innovation in educators.

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Activate Learning

Educators gain insights into student engagement and curiosity through an active learning approach.

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Lifelong Learning

It inspires educators to become lifelong learners and rekindle the art of teaching in their classrooms.

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Your Turnkey Provider

Your PD program and the learning journey will be based on simplicity and efficiency.

Our workshops aren’t one-size-fits-all - they can be built to align with your strategic initiatives and plans. Share your needs with your program manager, and our PD specialists will incorporate these outcomes into your workshop focus. 


Your workshop will include: 

  • A dedicated staff member to seamlessly coordinate all the logistics and supplies, formulate an engaging agenda, and ensure a ground presence during the event to ensure a smooth execution. 

  • Clearly defined metrics for success, which we track diligently to measure growth and efficacy of learning. This ensures custom-tailored learning experiences geared toward enhancing your educational initiatives and goals.

  • End-to-end event management includes a dedicated, custom web page with all the necessary resources to register attendees, share the agenda and engaging content, and collect feedback all in one place.

  • Certified professional development specialists trained in best practices to facilitate adult learning experiences based on Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning.  

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Are You Ready to Experience the Future of Professional Development?

Make a plan for continuous professional learning.


Book your ProSolve PD session today and take the first step towards a transformative learning experience!

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