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Human-Centered Learning For An AI World

Unlock the full potential of your classroom with PD by ProSolve, where experiential learning meets human-centered innovation.

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Our Global Impact


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AI Has Redefined What It Means to Be Career-Ready

In the world of education, Artificial Intelligence is reshaping how we teach and how students learn, while technological advancements are again transforming what it means to be career-ready.

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Fostering Human Intelligence for Career Readiness

Artificial Intelligence is transforming our workforce by automating routine and repetitive tasks. Today, being career-ready means having Human Intelligence. These are the complex, creative, and uniquely human skills necessary for an AI world.

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Beyond Sit-and-Get

Traditional professional development falls short, often leaving educators disengaged and underprepared for the evolving challenges of teaching and learning.


This passive model not only stifles creativity but also fails to equip educators with the practical skills and strategies needed to inspire and engage the next generation.

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Learn, Engage, Experience

The PD by ProSolve Difference

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Ongoing Development

Continued learning with online courses, virtual meetings, and through the use of AI tools.

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Practical & Actionable

Strategies and tools that can be immediately implemented to increase learning outcomes.

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Accelerate Change

Cutting-edge, experiential learning that drives impactful improvements in teaching and learning.

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Engaging & Modern

Fun and engaging hands-on approach that inspires and transforms practices.

“The PD guided our teachers through the intricacies of SEL, and it was a true learning party! The hands-on activities were engaging; every participant remained actively involved.”
– Rochester City School District, NY

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Innovative PD by ProSolve Programs

Explore dynamic programs that redefine professional development, focusing on experiential learning and practical application to enhance teaching and leadership in the modern educational landscape.

Explore Programs for:

Strengthen collaboration and foster a positive team culture with immersive problem-solving challenges.

  • Builds teamwork by strengthening communication, collaboration, decision-making, and creative problem-solving. 

  • Helps with educator burnout, rekindles the joy of learning, and inspires the art of teaching.

  • Builds a positive culture, fosters trusting relationships, and promotes strength-based teamwork.


What Educators Say


said it was valuable and extended their thinking about teaching & learning


said they had fun and were engaged


said the learning goals were met


said it strengthened their culture, teamwork, and collegiality

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Our Philosophy

Learning, Experienced

The Learning, Experienced (LXP) Framework is an innovative approach to redefining the educational experience. Grounded in the dual pillars of experiential learning and Human Intelligence, this research-based Framework aims to deepen learning and ensure student success in an AI-influenced world.

In an AI-driven world, a new set of human skills will be crucial for student success.

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Embrace a new identity as teachers and administrators.

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Focus on the whole child to build Human Intelligence.

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Lead complex change to meet strategic goals.

“Adults and students need opportunities to connect with those around them and feel valued as part of a team. We all have strengths that show in different ways.”
– San Joaquin County Office of Education, CA

Pioneer the Future of Education

Partner with ProSolve to transform professional learning with modern teaching, learning, and assessment approaches.

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