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Our company has a long, rich history of supporting schools and school districts.

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Our Gl   bal Impact

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School districts worked with



Teachers and admins trained


countries and 43 U.S. states reached

ProSolve Initiatives


With help from our sponsors, the brand-new Mobile Escape Room was launched!

The airship was unveiled at the TCEA conference, where hundreds of educators participated in this one-of-a-kind professional development experience.

We also changed our name to ProSolve to reflect our services and programs' focus on problem-solving!

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QUEST subscription kits and QUEST Academy are launched.


QUEST was what many districts needed after COVID. It helps schools re-engage students with game-based learning, and teaches problem-solving skills. 

Learn more on the QUEST website.

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Through a partnership with Cisco, we launched an educational escape-room experience in a bus!

Escape the Bus was a hit at ISTE. Today, this service has evolved into our Mobile Escape Room airship.


SLED (Students Leading Education) and SLED Academy were launched.

SLED was born out of a need for student representation in the education system. We wanted to create a strong platform for student leadership, agency, and school improvement. 

Learn more on the SLED website.

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ProSolve was co-founded by Arvin Ross and Travis Allen. Back then, we were called iSchool Initiative.

During the early years, we visited over twelve countries on four continents spreading our vision for student leadership and education reform.

Our first offerings were professional development and teacher training services.

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Our Beginning

In 2009, a high school student was using his smart phone to take notes in class. His phone was confiscated because school policy was "no phones allowed".


That student was our Co-Founder, Travis Allen. He disagreed with the policy, and created a viral video to show the world how technology could enhance education.

I want to challenge the status quo, and ask what learning should look like given the tools and information at our disposal.
— Travis Allen
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Travis saw a significant need to improve and support education. New tools, information, and technology were coming out every year, and schools were struggling to keep up.


He founded ProSolve in 2012 with Arvin Ross to modernize schools and create a new type of learning environment; one that challenged the status-quo, and positioned students as problem-solvers and lifelong learners.

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