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QUEST Certification

1-3 days
25-100 educators
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Learn to become a QUEST Facilitator and guide students to become problem-solvers

This certification program prepares educators to take on the role of a QUEST Facilitator. QUEST Facilitators are in charge of hosting and running the QUEST gamified learning experience, a problem-solving simulator that has students across the nation acquiring critical 21st century skills and knowledge.

As a QUEST Facilitator, a teacher’s role is to guide students through the narrative of QUEST. In QUEST, students are faced with difficult challenges and must learn to find solutions themselves. It is paramount for QUEST Facilitators to be comfortable learning alongside students, engaging students in higher level thinking, and adopting an open mindset. Our expert coaches help expand perspectives, provide tools and strategies for facilitating QUEST, and train teachers to be problem-solvers themselves.


Become an expert in student engagement

Learn how to use gaming concepts to spark student interest in school, ignite a passion for learning, and empower students to make decisions and self-actualize

Learn to develop students' social and emotional wellness

Confidently provide students with an ongoing experience that simulates the real world, improving their ability to work in teams, make tough decisions, and become more self-aware

Prepare students for careers and college

Have students practice their creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills while solving difficult challenges as a team

Feedback and Event Highlights

Patterson USD, CA

"Wow! Our teachers' minds were blown away with this experience! We learned together using collaboration, creativity, communication, critically thinking and motivation in a way that we want our students to be learning in the classroom." 

— Administrator

Williams USD, CA

"This was the best professional developments we have had by far. Every teacher had a blast, every teacher is going to be able to use this in their classroom, and it overall is the most, dynamic, fun, and engaging PD I've ever been a part of as an educator."

— Educator

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