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An immersive summer learning experience for Pre-K through 2nd grade learners.

Build SEL Skills and Extend Learning with QUEST Starforce

QUEST Starforce for Summer has been designed to meet early learners’ academic and developmental needs. It’s a fun, engaging, and dynamic enrichment curriculum that fosters a sense of belonging and develops social-emotional skills through an evidence-based solution.

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In-product supports in Spanish for emergent bilingual and English language learners PLUS facilitator materials include language learning strategies and scaffolds for all episodes.

A balanced approach of purposeful play, meaningful social interaction, integrated reflection, and hands-on activities in engaging gameplay aligned to CASEL competencies.

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Builds the foundation for excellent communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills.

Provides young learners the autonomy to learn, explore, try, and build perseverance and independence.

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In-product home-school connection resources with take-home activities and parent communications in English and Spanish to ensure students' learning transfers.

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Collaborative challenges in each episode feature core connections to math, literacy, science, and art standards.

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When your students become part of Starforce, the universe's galactic task force of problem solvers with superpowers, they will harness their unique skills and build a future-ready foundation supporting a lifetime of lasting impact.

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Starforce Episodes & Themes:

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Prologue: Identity

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Episode 1: Cooperation

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Episode 2: Perseverance

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Episode 3: Kindness

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Episode 4: Courage

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Episode 5: Honesty

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Episode 6: Respect

CASEL Competencies Practiced in Each Episode:

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Meet the cast of Starforce!

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Strength: Literacy

Friendly and outgoing, Miguel is not only a bilingual Spanish speaker, but can transform words into things!

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Strength: Art

Artistic and free-spirited Drago can conjure colors and create jaw-dropping masterpieces.

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Strength: Math

A brilliant mathematician, Coco uses her superpower to save the day and solve problems by duplicating objects.

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Strength: Fitness

Energetic and determined Emmy uses her strength and superpowers to move things with her mind!

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Strength: Science

Like her name, Bubbles is fun and energetic. Her science savvy and super-construction powers will mesmerize!

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Strength: Social Studies

Finn not only knows how to use his knowledge of the past to make the present better, but has the ability to freeze time!

Starforce Scope and Sequence:

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7 Episodes

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15-24 hours of SEL instruction and playtime

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Flexible and scales down to support your programming needs

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Easy to implement in 30-minute playable segments


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