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Create career-ready students through
Learning, Experienced.

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ProSolve's curriculum and educator offerings promote future readiness with a unique approach.

Foster the Whole Child with active engagement that sparks discovery, application and deeper learning
Cultivate social emotional growth and character education skills
Empower students and educators as leaders and changemakers
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Where we:
Explore, Play, Connect, Lead, Create.

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Social Emotional + Core Connection

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Service Learning and Leadership



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SEL and experiential learning for grades PreK-8
Immersive, team-based challenges that build
higher-order thinking skills
Foster career-readiness skills in students 

We partner with schools, districts, companies, and others to reimagine education.

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What an awesome experience full of information that I can't wait to take back and share with my campus. ProSolve programs are a mind-shift towards becoming an innovative teacher so that we can create innovative thinkers.     


— Hope Tuel

McAnally Intermediate School

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