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Create career-ready students through
Learning, Experienced.

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ProSolve's curriculum and educator offerings promote future readiness with a unique approach.

Foster the Whole Child with active engagement that sparks discovery, application and deeper learning
Cultivate social emotional growth and character education skills
Empower students and educators as leaders and changemakers
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Where we:
Explore, Play, Connect, Lead, Create.

Shifting Educational Paradigms

With the rapid explosion of the age of AI, we must rethink our approach to teaching, learning, and assessment. Our transactional approach to learning has ended; with access to AI the role of the teacher has changed.


The classroom is no longer a place for students to acquire knowledge. Our approach to learning must center around what makes us uniquely human; we must evolve to focus on teaching students how to use and apply knowledge. For learners to be future-ready, our design of learning and assessments must center on what AI can not do. Given the age of AI, we can no longer rely on standardized tests to measure if students are prepared for post-secondary success or the effectiveness of teachers/schools. Instead, we must focus on teaching and assessing Human Intelligence, the human-centered skills machine learning can not replicate or replace.

It is time to reimagine the student experience through experiential learning. Designing learning that starts with real-world or simulated experiences that engage and spark curiosity. Creating experiences for inquiry through exploration that fosters collaborative discovery and active interaction. Opening doors for the authentic application provides deeper learning through synthesis and application. Through reflection, the transfer of learning is applied to both new and real-world contexts. This is Learning, Experienced.

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Social Emotional + Core Connection

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Service Learning and Leadership

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Team Building For Educators

Explore experiential learning strategies for the classroom
Engage in immersive, team-based challenges
Use skills built during team-building challenges to foster career-readiness skills in students 

We partner with schools, districts, companies, and others to reimagine education.

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What an awesome experience full of information that I can't wait to take back and share with my campus. ProSolve programs are a mind-shift towards becoming an innovative teacher so that we can create innovative thinkers.     


— Hope Tuel

McAnally Intermediate School

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