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The Mobile Escape Room Debuts at TCEA

The brand-new Mobile Escape Room stole the show at the 2022 TCEA Convention in February!

The Mobile Escape Room is an airship that travels the country providing team-building and professional development experiences for students, educators, and administrators. It has been described as a unique, fun educational experience that uses escape room mechanics.

The airship is equipped with high-tech puzzles, games, and riddles. Each challenge provides a clue about how to escape the airship. Once a group is locked inside, the clock starts ticking! With limited time to unravel the clues, each group must collaborate, think critically, communicate, and use creativity to escape in time.

Educators at TCEA gather at the QUEST airship

These “four Cs” are in high demand by companies around the globe. When encouraged in the classroom, they result in engaging lessons and dynamic learning experiences. That’s what the Mobile Escape Room is all about. It helps students develop these skills, and models how educators can encourage high-level thinking in an educational environment. Overall, it prepares students to join the workforce with a competitive edge.

Collaboration | Critical Thinking | Communication | Creativity

During a debrief session at TCEA, educators and administrators reflected on their experiences inside the airship. QUEST Facilitators discussed escape room concepts, lifelong learning, design thinking, and how to apply it in the classroom. The Mobile Escape Room offers educators a unique opportunity to think differently, bond across departments, and have fun at the same time.

One participant had an a-ha moment after completing the experience. “We always say ‘is that Googleable?’ If it is, it’s not high level thinking… in [the airship], anything you’d search … just led you to a clue to the thing you needed to critically think about. Although a lot of it was technology-driven, the technology isn’t doing the work. We’re doing the work. We’re just using the technology to help move us through the scenario.”

This level of finding, filtering, and applying information is what the next generation needs to succeed in a workforce saturated with evolving technology. The airship encourages a problem-solving mindset that will remain relevant for years to come.


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