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Book A Summer Leadership Retreat

Looking to engage your admins and educators with something truly inspiring? ProSolve is the perfect partner to meet your district- or school-wide objectives while providing an unforgettable team-building experience.


Our Offerings

ProSolve experiences are designed to spark excitement, curiosity, and passion for making a difference in education. Our immersive learning events simultaneously teach and model growth mindsets. Every participant takes away actionable tactics, strategies, and tools to become better leaders and problem-solvers.

Regardless of size or setting, our customized offerings

build camaraderie, unify focus, celebrate differences, and recharge staff.


Supercharge your summer with the human intelligence movement! Join ProSolve in elevating education with paradigm shifting, actionable ideas. Inspire teachers, and administrators to become lifelong learners and leaders. Learn More

Mobile Escape Room

Park this problem-solving airship on campus and see collaboration (and friendly competition) skyrocket! The Mobile Escape Room enables educators to explore emergent technology, learn new teaching strategies, and shift their mindsets and attitudes in a fun and engaging environment. Learn More

Escape the Conference

Transform your space so teams can work together (and against the clock!) toward a common goal! Through station-based learning, unlock the creative potential of participants while harnessing the Four Cs: Communication / Collaboration / Creativity / Critical Thinking. Learn More


See ProSolve In Action

Watch the County Office Leadership Summit, an Escape-the-Conference experience brought to a school district.


The ProSolve Experience

ProSolve experiences aren’t just brilliant, fun events that last a day and quickly disappear. They generate massive momentum for ongoing administrator and educator development. Participants gain confidence, perspective, and motivation to challenge themselves. They seek opportunities, and tackle problems with enthusiasm.

Every ProSolve experience is aligned to district goals to ensure it stays relevant to the local community for years to come.


What Clients are Saying

“Hundreds were engaged in the fresh and relevant keynote. You could almost feel mindsets and beliefs shifting. Solving challenges together proved that everyone can be a leader. We want all students and staff on our campuses to feel the same. Very powerful day.” — Administrator, Patterson USD, CA

"This was the best professional developments we have had by far. Every teacher had a blast, every teacher is going to be able to use this in their classroom, and it overall is the most, dynamic, fun, and engaging PD I've ever been a part of as an educator." — Educator, Williams USD, CA

"Travis had every teacher in the room eating out of his hands. His passion shows in everything that he does, and he has the smarts to back it up. I look forward to hearing another one of his presentations." — Adam Bushman, Marketing Director at ParentLink

"Two teachers participating in the training were so excited on Day 2 that they left for lunch to visit with their principal and discuss opportunities for providing a similar experience for their campus." — Administrator, Weatherford ISD, TX


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