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iSchool CEO Keynotes the K-12 Facilities Forum

Transforming Education Through Technology and Problem-Solving

iSchool Initiative Founder and CEO, Travis Allen, delivered a compelling vision for the future of education at the k12 Facilities Forum, challenging district leaders in attendance from across the country to answer the question: Why do we go to school?

At iSchool Initiative, we are working to create a future where the answer to that question, regardless of which stakeholder in education is asked, will be:

We go to school to develop human intelligence by solving real problems.

Nicole Rupersburg does an excellent job unpacking Travis's explanation of what we mean by human intelligence and how to create a culture of student problem solvers in her article below, which is accompanied by a video segment of Travis's keynote.


To learn more about bringing our team out to keynote at your next education conference or professional learning event, connect with us below:


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