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SLED Launch Experience // Norris Middle School

Norris Middle School, the 2019 SLED National Champions, brought in our team relaunch their SLED chapter for the 2019/2020 school year. With new and returning students part of the program, we solidified the culture of the chapter around student voice and action through our Year 2 SLED Launch Experience, helping them craft new projects to pursue in the upcoming school year.

We were impressed but not surprised with the high caliber of work from the Norris Middle School SLED team. After interactive training on project management, design thinking, public speaking, and effective presentations, the students not only engaged their teachers and administrators in an open conversation on how their school can improve, but also articulated their vision for success with clarity and conviction.

Projects launched on day 3 of the experience addressed topics such as: school recycling, global water purity, school spirit, reducing cafeteria food waste, school wellness equipment, and more.

It wasn't all work and no play, though. Over the course of the 3-day training, SLED students engaged in (and escaped from) a Stranger Things inspired escape experience, had dance parties, learned secret handshakes, and got to know each other as individuals and teammates.

We believe in creating a culture of student problem solvers, and the Norris SLED team exemplifies that culture. In the words of Norris Middle School principle Mr. Carr:

"SLED gives our students true opportunity to lead and make changes on campus."

We're excited to see the Norris SLED team's projects continue to develop throughout the year in preparation for our 2020 Annual Competition!

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