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SLED Launch Experience Review // Rising Star and Bennett's Mill Middle

Technology can be a powerful force for good in education - but only if it has the cultural acceptance and ongoing support necessary to be implemented effectively.

That’s why we are proud to partner with PowerUp EDU, the connected classroom education technology provider for Fayette County, Georgia, in launching the Rising Star and Bennett's Mill Middle School SLED Chapters.

PowerUp EDU’s commitment to transforming education extends beyond simply putting technology into the classroom; they want to see it used effectively to benefit students, teachers, and administrators. Sharing that same vision and believing that activating student voice is the key to technology acceptance and effective use, we empowered students through our 3-day SLED launch experience to be the technology leaders in their respective schools.

After coaching students through workshops and experiences centered around problem-solving, project management, teamwork, leadership, and effective communication, we facilitated a district panel where students, educators, and administrators discussed the major challenges their district faced, with technology at the forefront of the conversation.

SLED students then took action on the problems identified by creating and presenting on project plans to overcome their district’s challenges and ensure the success of technology in their district’s classrooms.

Now, over a year after the initial launch, these SLED chapters are operating efficient tech teams which facilitate daily office hours to solve technology issues for their peers and teachers, and Bennett’s Mill even created their own website to host common FAQ’s and operate a chat box to assist teachers and students as quickly as possible.

This relieves the workload of their district’s IT department, provides more real-time support, and equips SLED students with foundational technical and leadership experience.

SLED chapters across the country are creating solutions to ensure technology implementation, like hosting weekly classes for their teachers on using interactive whiteboards, or creating how-to videos based on student and teacher requested topics.

When considering a technology provider for your district, we recommend companies like PowerUp EDU, who understand that technology + cultural adoption = success.


Learn more about our Students Leading Education program at:


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