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As a complete experiential social-emotional learning experience, QUEST Camp caters to the holistic growth of students, enhancing their skills and capabilities to meet the demands of both life and the future.

QUEST Camp merges academic learning with the development of social-emotional skills as students PLAY, CONNECT, and CREATE through up to 65 hours of gameplay and game design.

Districts across the country celebrate: 

 Raised attendance rates
 Increased engagement
 Elevated critical thinking skills
 Increased team and self-awareness
 Improved ability to solve complex problems
 Skill transfer to the school day


QUEST introduces a fresh approach to learning with its engaging gameplay that positively influences students’ learning outcomes beyond the game, seamlessly transferring cognitive, social, and emotional skills throughout their school day.

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QUEST Camp is designed specifically for summer learning, with a proven impact in driving attendance, engagement, teamwork, and skills that transfer to the school day and beyond. Reimagine summer learning through the experiential world of QUEST!

QUEST Camp supports your summer school success with:

An inclusive program where every student has a place on the team
State standards-alignment
15 to 65 hours of research-based, immersive lessons
Easy-to-implement, turn-key program
 Stepped-out facilitator guides
Custom pacing guides for flexible implementation
Just-in-time training and support

Unlock language learner success with new Spanish Supports!

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Designed to support language learners' development of SEL competencies and critical thinking skills in an engaging and fun way! QUEST's Spanish supports provide effective scaffolding for the diverse range of language learners in your summer school and OST program.

Preview videos now in Spanish to help build storyline background and understanding

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All family and parent-facing materials PLUS key instructional videos now available in Spanish

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Key vocabulary presented in Spanish and English to build academic language

Student materials emphasize visual aids and images to identify game components, characters, and locations

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Students collaborate in teams to tackle a variety of hands-on problem-solving challenges that require players to communicate, collaborate, and think critically.


Learners develop soft skills used during gameplay through hands-on social-emotional learning activities, guided decisions, and thought provoking journal prompts.



Players become artists, authors, and designers of their own learning journey, fostering self-discovery and empowerment through creative expression and presentation

QUEST Camp includes a game experience that combines the physical elements of board games, the digital interface of a video game, and the strategy of escape rooms. The result is powerful and purposeful play.

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Summer Recruitment Toolkit:

  • Flyers and Hallway Movie Posters

  • Student Videos

  • Episode Trailers

  • Social Media Templates

  • Parent/Guardian Letters (English/Spanish)

  • QUEST Character QUIZ

  • Parent Webpage

Facilitator Recruitment Toolkit:

  • Recruitment Checklist and Best-Practices

  • Program Descriptions and Catalog Images

  • Facilitator Job Posting Template 

  • Flyers and Newsletter Content

  • Teacher Lounge Poster 

  • Teacher and District Videos 

  • Recruitment Event Ideas

  • Social Media Content and Templates  

Home-to-School Connection:

  • Parent Letters (English/Spanish)

  • Preformatted Social Media Templates/Content

  • Ongoing Newsletters

  • QUEST Summer Showcase Event


“I think QUEST is an awesome experience because kids our age can learn how to work with groups and not give up easily. QUEST is also an awesome experience because you can learn how to share what you think.”


“My favorite part of QUEST was seeing the students interact with one another and work out ways they can solve problems. It’s always good to see students help each other, joke with one another, and learn from mistakes. I saw students grow as leaders. QUEST does a fabulous job teaching students how to collaborate and work together to achieve a goal!”


See how your students can become problem-solvers during a supercharged summer of fun!

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